15 PCS/lot Bike Frame Rear Forks Protector Sports Bicycle Chainstay Frame Protector Kit Bike Sticker Paster Protection

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3M protection on the market are only posted round, Here find manufacturers covers a mass customized, 3 shapes, more suitable for bicycle use.
Product Name: frame protector / scratch paste
Material: gum +PET

Size: 20MM in diameter, round*8
II: length 40MM, width: 18MM, ellipse *4
The length: 55MM, width: 25MM, rectangular *3

Thickness: 0.2MM (on the market all the common 3M glue is 0.5mm, easy to pry out, not durable)

Methods: to determine the position of paste paste, and use of alcohol or detergent scrub clean, dust and water stain oil paste guarantee scope.
A price, containing 8 tiny discs, 4 elliptical, 3 rectangular one car enough.
Machine for cutting, perfect matching, without pruning.