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I have seen many barber’s using white and black cloth in their saloon which will be sometimes polyester or sometimes cotton.For them this is the cheapest and best waterproof cloth during hair cutting.You can buy it from Ziloqa.com at very cheapest rate.

The material will make satisfaction not only to barber’s but also for the customers. This cape can be used in hair salon or at home.I have searched for the cape to use for my own use from home during coloring my hair.Last time when I was coloring I have used a cotton cloth and I cannot even look back to that cloth because of it’s dirty color.But when I have started using this one no problem occurred especially the quality of the cloth is too good.

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Last week when I was dying my hair I used a cloth and till now the dye didn’t go from it.So I found a new cloth and It’s also useful when we are using hair dye or perm etc from home.


Visit Ziloqa.com to buy this Product I think making customers comfortable and happy makes the owners also happy.So without thinking all barber’s can go for it.

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