Curtain Liner

Just one thing! you can make your shower more Fresh;Use this Shower Curtain Liner then you can watch, play with or listen to your smartphone or tablet in the shower. Even allows for use of your on-device camera(s). Don’t forget to stop bathing because I was having an experience .I went on hearing music and forgot that I am in bathroom.

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I am using a Curtain Liner with multiple phone and tablet-sized pockets on outside to hold the device.

Children can also use this to keep their toys ,there are pockets at different height level to accommodate both adults and children’s. Watch movies, play games, listen to music, read the news. Stay connected.

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Simply install the shower curtain liner with pockets facing the OUTSIDE of your shower, and slide the device(s) right in. My liner includes hooks to promote easy installation. Can be used on the inside of your favorite shower curtain.

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