Hair Dryer Stand with Vacuum Soap Holder

Hair Dryer is a daily needier for all of us.To keep the hair dryer in a safe place after use is a must and here comes superior quality Hair Dryer Stand with Vacuum Soap Holder.I have seen many Hair Dryer stand but I didn’t get a 2 in 1 stand till now.

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This Environment friendly Hair Dryer Rack is durable and it’s having a metal surface which is so smooth and will never fade.Adopt electroplating technology on metal surface with Latest Sucker and Glue Injection Process. I thought that I must use a driller to fix this Stand but it’s not like that.It is built-in two suction cup, inject super glue at the bottom of the sucker, show stronger adsorption force than ordinary product.Suction cup works best on smooth surface, such as ceramic tile, glass, mirror, granite, stainless steel, acrylic.

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I will tell you how to install this Stand .Firstly clean the wall, wipe up the dust and water before installing; Compress the sucker, and stick to the smooth surface tightly; Rotating the base 60 degree clockwise, you will hear the sound of “ka”, fix the wall and finish installation.This can be re-positioned many times over, removed without leaving residues and reused for any place with glossy finish you want.

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Hair Dryer with Vacuum Soap Holder can be widely used in closets, bathroom, living room, bedroom, washing room, hair salon and etc.

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