Environment friendly, Durable & Rust-proof Bathroom Fittings

Be Environment friendly! Ever thought about the plastic trays in your bathroom ? Usually in our bathrooms we used soap holders, taps and other fittings made of plastic. Do you know how much harmful is that ?

If you are planning of building a new home or replacing your existing bathroom fittings, then consider Environment friendly, Durable & Rust-proof Bathroom Fittings. Stainless steel fittings are the best and most attractive currently available in market.

Replacing your plastic fittings with high quality Stainless steel fittings make it more convenient  to use, clean and maintain.

Such highly durable Stainless steel fittings can be purchased from Ziloqa


For less than 16 USD you can make your bathroom or kitchen more attractive with Environment friendly, Durable & Rust-proof fittings. These fittings might make your ceramic or granite designed bathroom look more stunning.

Watch Video of such a product from ziloqa :


This Product from Ziloqa.com is having features like : Superior Quality, Latest Sucker and Glue Injection Process, No Drilling, have No Damage to Wall, Steel Hollow Design, 3-Step Easy Installation, Re-positioned and Reusable, Wide Application.

Not only in Bathrooms, these can be used in closets, kitchen, living room, washing room, and even bedroom. As Steel fittings are heat resistant, it will be best to use in kitchens. There is possibility  of chemicals that could leach from plastic fittings, and unsafe to use in kitchens or bathrooms. All those problems can be over come by using Environment friendly Stainless steel fittings.

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